Moving Stinks!!!

Hi All…I am moving myself this week and I forgot how much I hate it.  I am reminded how my clients feel…overwhelmed, overworked and over tired!
Some tips…
1) Ask your mover if they give away free used boxes from their warehouse…this will save a good bit of money
2) You don’t have to purchase as much  packing paper as is suggested.  Use the nice clear/white packing paper for things like dishes and nice glass, ceramic and crystal pieces…but wrap everything else that needs wrapping in newspaper…also, use towels, blankets, pillows and other things for cushion in boxes
3) Dont do it 2 days before the move…you will pull all of your hair out…….also…don’t start 2 or 3 weeks before…because then you will be living in boxes while you wait…it really doesn’t take that long to move.  My suggestion would be to start 1.5 weeks prior.  If you are moving on a Monday for instance, start backing on the Saturday the week before the move, this way you get that whole weekend, the next week and the weekend prior to the move…PERFECT!
4) If you are just moving a few miles away…don’t pack your clothes or paintings, etc…just move them yourself prior to the movers coming….which brings me to number 5
5) IF YOU CAN HELP IT…do not move the day you close on your house…schedule your move at least a day or two after to give you time to move small preliminary items that you don’t want to bother packing or paying the movers to move.
6) Make sure to forward your mail at least a week before the move…it takes 7-10 days to start forwarding
7) Don’t forget to call the utilities companies and make sure to have the utilities switched into your name prior to the move…you don’t want there to be an interruption in service because then you will have to pay all of the set up fees again.
I am sure there are some more great tips…so if anyone reads this and wants to add something, please feel free!
Happy Saturday!

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