Real Estate

Flippers…pretty is not the only important thing!

I just want to express my disappointment with many flippers these days. It is great that you got the house for a steal and want to make as much profit as possible, I like money too, so I get it…but if the house has a leaking roof and the HVAC and hot water heater are over 25 years old…can you please pay attention to this too. Maybe skip the granite in the bathroom or the dimmers on every recessed light in the entire house and splurge to have the plumbing pipe collars on the roof replaced so the roof doesn’t cause a water problem in the home when it rains. And if anyone read my post yesterday about “moisture”…water+heat=MOLD…then you have a more expensive problem on your hands. Maybe find the healthy balance between the pretty stuff and the fundamentals of providing a good, solid house for the purchasers. And if you are only going to fix the pretty stuff…Just saying….things like not paying attention to how the new electrical sockets were wired, not installing the sensors on the new garage door, not affixing the range so that is doesn’t tip over or installing the hot/cold fixtures on the wrong sides is not tough stuff and will avoid home inspection and walk through items in the future. Take a little extra time and make sure it is done right the first time…it will avoid a lot of headaches and paying your contractor to come back out to fix the things that were not done right.

Ok…I am off my soap box…

By the way…I really appreciate people who are rehabbing distressed properties…I just would also like see a little more pride put in to the finished product and not just a lipstick job.  This is certainly an overarching statement and does not apply to all flippers by any means…many of them do a beautiful job and have quality work at the same time.

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