Comcast…get with the program!

Hi All,

I now understand why Comcast can’t keep customers.

Why do they tease you with a promotional price for a package…get you hooked…and then jack the price up?!  Then, when you ask them to honor the original price, they act like you have 3 heads…

Not to mention if you threaten, the person in the retention department tells you what you want to hear to hook you in again and then the next person you speak with to renew your plan acts like the person from the retention department was on crack to tell you that because “it just  can’t happen”.  I can’t take the poor service and mediocrity any more.  Now that Verizon Fios is in town, they have gotten a little better, but if they don’t want to have to deal with upset customers anymore why don’t they just get a price and stick with it….enough with all of this promotional rope you in stuff…it is very difficult for customers to be excited about paying 1/3 more per month for the same package they were getting before.

Anyway…just a suggestion…

I am finished complaining now… 🙂

Happy Tuesday!

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