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To decorate or not decorate…while your home is on the market

A Danish Christmas tree illuminated with burni...
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Many families start decorating for the holidays during the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend. Sellers with their home on the market during the holiday season shouldn’t feel the need to give up their holiday traditions. In fact, sellers should not forgo decorating their home for the holiday. People expect at least some decorations, plus they add warmth to a home.

The key is to decorate in a way that won’t turn off buyers, and the following tips will help sellers strike a good balance:

  • Too many decorations mask a home’s selling points: architectural details, condition, location and price.
  • Avoid too many personalized decorations. The goal is for buyers to visualize themselves celebrating the holidays in the home.
  • Choose an elegant, neutral palette of fresh greens, silvers, golds and classic whites. Avoid too much red and green.
  • Take down decorations within two weeks after the holidays.
    Happy Holidays!


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