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5 Kitchen Cost Cutting Tips

Below is a link to the Service Master Website giving some great tips to reduce the cost of updating your kitchen.  Enjoy!

Although I have to say…the tip about flooring is something I wouldn’t necessarily recommend.  While laminate flooring can save money, in this area people want and expect hardwood and do not consider laminate an upgrade most of the time.  Remember that you want to get as big of a return on investment as possible, so I would not skimp in that area.  Go with good quality, durable and neutral flooring and you are in good shape.

Also…if you are changing out appliances…there are ways to get great prices on new ones, like waiting for sales, buying the floor sample, playing superstores against each other on pricing and discounts, etc…but don’t cheap out and get black instead of stainless.  People want stainless, it is a higher-end look and if you are replacing them anyway, get something that is going to have impact.  Most people are not excited about black appliances, so unless it just is the perfect fit for the decor, splurge for stainless.

Happy Tuesday!

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