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Clean your gutters…

With warm weather here, it’s the ideal time to make

sure your gutters are in tip-top shape, especially if

you are thinking of selling or have your home on the

market. A well-maintained home creates a better first

impression, so it is important to repair any gutter

problems before they lead to a squandered


Here are a few tips to get you started:

• Ensure gutters are free of leaves, sticks and other debris. Do it yourself

by clearing the muck and then flushing the gutters with water to make

sure it drains properly, or hire a professional gutter cleaner.

• If you notice any leaks when testing the water flow, use gutter sealant to

seal the leaky gutter joints.

• Inspect for any sagging gutters. If any are located, they can easily and

inexpensively be fixed by replacing faulty or missing hangers that secure

gutters to the house.

You can have your gutters looking brand new, and increase the curb appeal of

your home, in just a few short hours and with only a little cash out of pocket.

Information obtained from Weichert “News you can use”

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